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Posted 17/10/2006 01:39

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Forum Administrator

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I have today had to delete a new member account that looked suspiciously like a telephone number.

Can I remind all members, old and new, that posting your telephone number in your profile in any way or on the public board can result in account deletion.. although you will probably hear from a member of the Admin team first with a request to remove the number yourself.

Posting your telephone number usually means one of two things;

1) You are trying to advertise something. This is forbidden unless cleared by a member of the Admin team.

2) You have no idea how irresponsible posting your telephone number on the internet really is.

Any member account name that seems to be a telephone number will be deleted instantly and without communication from the Admin team.

If anyone has any questions, please P.M. me. This thread will not allow replies.

Thank you. 


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