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Concert Live CDs - Live CD disc titles
Posted 22/06/2009 15:45
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There have been a number of enquiries in regard to live CDs being listed as the wrong night’s show when played on people’s computers. Concert Live would like to state that each CD collected on the night of the concert is definitely that night’s concert and not that from any other night. It is not physically possible for Concert Live to distribute the wrong show at a concert as all recording and duplication processes are directly linked together. Recordings from previous nights are not held on the road so it is a physical impossibility for fans to have a disc of the wrong show.

The reason that some computers show disc titles from a different concert is down to the Gracenote system on iTunes that allows users to input their own track names onto discs.

A number of fans who have purchased the shows from Glasgow and Sheffield have inputted these tracklistings and titles into the iTunes system and, as each show of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds has the same song order, this system is mistakenly listing some discs as the wrong show.

Concert Live have contacted Gracenote support about this error and are getting it rectified.

In the meantime, they would like to re-iterate that all CDs purchased are definitely from the correct night.
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Posted 27/06/2009 10:01

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Well, I for one would like to point out that when you import a CD on your computer in MP3, if you use a program such as CDex instead of iTunes to get it on your PC then when it contacts Gracenote to get track id information, you normally get at least 8 or so different lists that appear that are similar. Dont forget most of you are listening to a product that has been manufactured just 10 mins after the show itself, so there wont be anything on Gracenote with any of that information until someone physically sends it to Gracenote. So it will automatically get track info and probably relate it automatically to TWOTW, and maybe another night's show that someone has already given track info to... at least i think thats how it works lol!
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