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The latest announcement
Posted 31/05/2015 18:34
Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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I understand you want to shift books but having to buy one for a chance to go to jeffs studio seems a bit well.. steep? of an entry price. If it was £20 I could understand but 10x is just a bit too much!

Some of the fans (like me) are students, or people with little money. As a result we are missing out on fan based activities such as this that only really cater to the richer fans.

I don't know this is twice I have held on for a "announcement" of sorts only for it to be something that is really expensive and unobtainable for the most part.


see tripods - check
run from tripods - check
see tripods dying - check
boast about taking 20 out with nothing but a cough - awaiting compleation
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