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Limited run show
Posted 21/01/2016 11:26
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Supreme Being

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Hey admin - long time no talk!

Now the cast has been announced it sounds great - getting david essex back is brilliant! (will he still be artillery man or will he be the sung thoughts of the journalist? Just thinking that he isnt really the young artilleryman anymore!) And I wish I could go.

However I know that I will not be able to afford to get down to london to see the show. So my questions are :

1) Will the show (if successful) do a run of the uk in theatres?
2) If not will there be a west end soundtrack released? I really want a copy of the tour with 'Life begins again'.


see tripods - check
run from tripods - check
see tripods dying - check
boast about taking 20 out with nothing but a cough - awaiting compleation
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Posted 09/02/2016 20:47

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1) Highly unlikely... The Dominion was gutted in the 80s for the musical Time with Cliff Richard. There is more room for hidden things to pop out there than there will be in any other theatre.
2) Who knows? There are often CDs of West End shows, depends on how it goes I spose,

I'm going on Thursday.. Should be amazing!
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