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Newbies Please Read - The War Of The Worlds - F.A.Q
Posted 05/08/2005 01:06

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Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds
Frequently Asked Questions
This area is a basic guide for those that are new to the album and new members to the site, those wanting to know some of the 'in's & out's' of the multi million selling album.
What Is Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds?
The album was released in June 1978 after an almost 3 year project. The album is a rock tour-de-force through the eyes of a journalist telling a story to his newspaper in the year of 1904, some 6 years (1898) after an Martian invasion upon Earth. Creature's from the planet Mars come to Victorian England, landing upon the sandpits on Horsell Common in Woking Surrey in a huge metalic cylinder. When they emerge they set about taking over mankind and destroying towns and cities in vast 100 foot tall metal Fighting Machines armed with deathly Heat Rays and poisonous black smoke. Slowly the invaders meet there doom and the Earth is spared.
More about the making of the album can be read here
Who Is Jeff Wayne?
Jeff Wayne was born in Forest Hills, New York. He took classical and later Jazz piano lessons from the age of five, and was taught tennis by his father Jerry Wayne - a former college tennis player turned singer, actor, writer and theatrical producer. Jeff has produced with a impressive array of talented people such as Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, The Who, David Essex, Justin Hayward, Phil Lynott, Apollo 440, Human League, Tony Christie, Orbital, Todd Terry, The London Symphony Orchestra as well as conducting at the Royal Albert Hall, and many other noted names. Jeff lives with his wife Geraldine in Hertsfordshire, England and has four children.
Discography section can be viewed here
Who Is H.G.Wells?
Herbert George Wells is the writer of the classic novel, known back in 1898 as a scientific romance, known better today as science fiction. Born in Bromley, Kent in 1866, he was the son of a draper. The story The War Of The Worlds was originally an idea of his brother Frank Wells who made the young Herbert George think what it would be like if an invading army of Martians fell upon the planet. H.G started the story off in a periodical form for the Pearsons Magazine during the months of April to December 1897. The success of the story later developed into the novel we know today released a year later in 1898. H.G.Wells other science fiction works included such classic's as The Time Machine, The Island Of Dr Moreau and The First Men In The Moon. H.G.Wells died at his london home in August 1946. 
Who Sang What And Who Played What?
Richard Burton is the voice of the journalist and Justin Hayword is The Eve Of The War voice along with Forever Autumn. Phil Lynott plays Parson Nathaniel and Julia Covington plays Beth (the Parsons wife), both singing The Spirit Of Man track. David Essex plays the Artilleryman and performs Brave New World and Chris Thompson is the voice of humanity during Thunder Child. Jerry Wayne is the chilling voice of NASA. The albums musicians are as follows: Jo Partridge plays accoustic guitar and the electric guitar for The Heat Ray and is the haunting voice behind 'ULLA' played out on a electric guitar and a voice box. Ken 'Prof' Freeman plays synthesizers, Barry Morgan plays drums, Chris Spedding plays accoustic and electric guitars, Jeff Wayne plays piano and harpsicord, Herbie Flowers plays bass guitar, Paul Hart plays piano on The Red Weed, George Fenton plays tar, santur and autoharp, and percussion is performed by Barry De Souza, Roy Jones and Ray Cooper. Accompanying vocalists are Billy Lawrie, Gary Osbourne, Chris Thompson and Paul Vigrass. 
Who Wrote The Albums Songs?
Jeff Wayne wrote the lyrics to The Eve Of The War and the rest of the lyrics were by Gary Osbourne except Forever Autumn which was Gary Osbourne and Paul Vigrass.
Who Wrote The Albums Story?
It was written by Doreen Wayne and adapted from the classic H.G.Wells 1898 novel.
Who Created The Sound Effects?
They were created by Jeff's wife Geraldine, or Geraldine 'Pest' Wayne as she is credited in the album.
Who Are The Artists Behind The Albums Paintings?
The album cover of Thunder Child, Fighting Machine and Handling Machines designed by Michael Trim (read the interview here): in 1976. Other artists who contributed to the album were Peter Goodfellow - Horsell Common and Parson Nathaniel. Geoff Taylor was the artist behind Panic In The Streets, The Red Weed, Brave New World and Dead London. The albums logo was designed by John Pasche.
How Many Copies Of The Album Have Been Sold?
A rough estimated guess is well over 13 million copies since it's release in June 1978 (this does not include the recent album re-launch in June 2005). The album originally stayed in the top 100 album charts for over 250 weeks (almost 5 years) and two hit singles were released - The Eve Of The War and Forever Autumn. The album has won two Ivor Novello Awards along with Best Recording In Science Fiction And Fantasy with the judges including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock. 
Was There Another 'The War Of The Worlds' Album Released By Jeff Wayne?
Yes there was, it was called Highlights From Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds and featured all the main tracks turned into singles and released on one disc. 
Did Jeff Wayne Release Another Album Similar To The War Of The Worlds?
Yes, in 1992 Jeff released Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of Spatacus. The double CD/cassette album featured narration by Anthony Hopkins and included the excellent talents of Catherine Zeta Jones, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Incantation, Jimmy Helms, Fish, Alan King, Chris Thompson, Bill Fredericks and Jo Partidge.
Was There Any Games Released Of The War Of The Worlds?
Yes, there have been a couple of versions released based on Jeffs album. The first was in 1984 for the Sinclair Spectrum, followed by the PC game version in 1998 and the PlayStation version that same year
Were There Any Videos Made For The Songs From The Album?
Yes there was. The first released was what is know known as the 1978 'Promo'. A four minute animated video made to advertise the 'new' album and included some of the main tracks from the album along to the invading Fighting Machine. Other videos to appear were to Thunder Child showing Chris Thompson on guitar, Forever Autumn with Justin Hayward - these were mainly studio type videos made for such music programmes like Top Of The Pops. A video was made for Brave New World which features David Essex and filmed at the Natural History Museum in London. In 1989, German remixer Ben Liebrand released his mix of The Eve Of The War with a three minute video using footage from the 1978 'Promo' film. The 2005 SA-CD re-launch of the album includes a 30 second TV advertisement video which can be seen over in the 'Features' section of the site
Is It True There Is To Be An Animation Film Made?
Yes - The film is a fully CGI (computor generated image) is scheduled for release in late 2007/early 2008 and is based on Jeff Wayne's album and H.G.Wells novel using the classic Jeff Wayne album machines and his musical score. You can view some of the R&D footage (research & development) over in the 'Features' section of the site    
Who Is To Narrate The New CGI Film?
It would appear that the original studio recordings featuring the late Richard Burton will be used for the film. It is possible that un-used material such as narration will also be included within the film, which can be heard on the CDs that come with the 'Collector's Edition' 7 disc set released June 2005. 
Can I Buy Any Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds Merchandise?
Yes you can. Since the begining of 2005, there as been some superb 'Official' merchandise produced and released for fans and collectors all over the world. The huge array of memorabilia ranges from Limited Edition prints, signed items, collectibles, music cd's, posters,  'Collector's Edition' sets (featuring DVD and rare music tracks) and much more. To view and purchase some of the items available, go to
Is There A 'New' Release Of The Album Out?
Yes there is. Released in June 2005, Jeff Wayne has created a entirely 'new' mix of the classic album, keeping almost all of the original eliments but placed into the stunning format of SA-CD 5.1 Surround Sound. The album has been released in 2 sets, the two disc double 'digipak' HYBRID album in SA-CD and the 'Collector's Editio'n 7 disc set (including DVD) which can be viewed and ordered by going to 
I Can't Find No Wallpapers For My PC, Are There Any Available?
Yes there is. You can now have your very own 'Official' Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds wallpapers for your computor. Click the links below to view and load the images.
Thunder Child
Horsell Common
Dead London
Are There Any Mobile Ringtones Available?
Yes - You can select and download them by going over to the 'Mobile' section of the site, but please check your handset before ordering them. The ringtones are available in both polyphonic and truetones.You can also download some mobile wallpapers too
Is It True There Is A Dance Style Version Of The Album Available?
Yes there is - It was released on the Sony label in 2000 and came as a double cd album and titled Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of the War Of The Worlds - ULLAdubULLA The Remix Album. Dics One contained 7" mixes of such tracks as The Eve Of The War, Horsell Common And The Heat Ray, Forever Autumn and Thunder Child, all done in various dance takes by such well known remixers as Appollo 440, N Trance, Max Mondo, Todd Terry and Hani (total of 16 tracks). Disc Two was a selection of 12" remixes from the same artists and many more (total of 10 tracks)
Can You Buy The Artwork That Is Seen In The Album Booklet?
You can now buy all the artwork that was featured in the albums booklet. Early this year Jeff Wayne re-produced the excellent images for fans and collectors around the world to purchase. You can either buy them as the complete set or as single artworks including such favourites as Thunder Child, Panic In The Street and Dead London. To order them, please use the link provided:    
The New 7 Disc 'Collector's Edition', Is It A Limited Edition?
The stunning 7 disc 'Collector's Edition' set is a 'Limited Edition' set but not a limited numbered edition set. 
I heard There Was Another Box Set Made - Is This True?
Yes there was. It was released in 1979 on the CBS label and was a large format box set in black with silver lettering. The box set included the double album, 12" single, artwork booklet, a huge fold out poster and the H.G.Wells novel. This set when released was a 'Limited Edition' of 20,000 made. For more information on the set and to view the set, use this link: 
Tom Middleton 'The Eve Of the War' Remixes
Released September 5th 2005 and taken from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds - Tom Middleton remix of The Eve Of The War.

THE EVE OF THE WAR (Tom Middleton Cosmos Radio Re-Edit) 3.23
THE EVE OF THE WAR (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix) 7.01
THE EVE OF THE WAR (Original Album Version Edit) 5.03


THE EVE OF THE WAR (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix) 7.01
THE EVE OF THE WAR (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub Mix) 8.04
Use this link to listen to the remixes: 
Can I Purchase The Album Cover Martian Fighting Machine As A Display Model?
Coming Soon! - What ever fan of the album wants in there collection. Currently being manufactured by DarkHorse in the U.S, this glorious 15 inch tall Fighting Machine will certainly be the talk of your home. The display model will be released later this year as a 'Limited Edition'. For more information and an image of the 'proto-type' model, please use this link:
I Heard There Was To Be A TV Series - Is This True?
There has been a lot of talks regarding a 26 part animated TV series based on Jeff Wayne's multi-million selling album, but nothing has been 'carved in stone' as of yet but they are thinking it over. Any news, any rock solid news you will hear it first from  
Will There Be A 'Live' Version Of The Album?
Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds

Your chance to see for THE FIRST EVER LIVE PRODUCTION of the international hit album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds.

Tickets are expected to sell out very quickly, so don't miss out!

Members of the official website, are getting a 48-hour advance opportunity (from 8 AM THIS WEDNESDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER 2005) to purchase tickets to these exciting events.

To order tickets, please either:

* Visit, register for free and order through that site, or

* Call the hotline number on
0870 400 0688

Jeff Wayne will be conducting The Black Smoke Band, 48-piece ULLAdubULLA string orchestra featuring special guest Justin Hayward and, in sight and sound, Richard Burton as The Journalist

April 2006

Sat 15 - Bournemouth BIC - Tel: 0870 111 3000

Sun 16 - Cardiff International Arena - Tel: 02920 22 44 88

Tue 18 - London Royal Albert Hall - Tel: 0207 589 8212

Wed 19 - Birmingham NEC - Tel: 0870 909 4144

Thu 20 - Nottingham Arena - Tel: 0870 121 0123

Sat 22 - Glasgow Clyde Auditorium - Tel: 0870 040 4000

Sun 23 - Manchester MEN Areana - Tel: 0870 190 8000
More F.A.Qs will be added soon
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Posted 05/08/2005 10:37

Martian Elder
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Flippin' Heck Jon! You`ve been busy!

Excellent FAQ! A lot of work went into that!
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Posted 05/08/2005 11:56

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There is more to be added to that yet as time goes by


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Posted 05/08/2005 12:24

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You could answer every possible question about TWotW so we do not have the work with all the posting...



Not a forum moderator of the 'biggest' The War Of The Worlds site's on the net:

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Posted 10/08/2005 01:41

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We have added some more answers to your F.A.Qs.
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Posted 20/12/2005 18:34

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Someone has been busy Jon...

That has single-handedly turned any newbie and sceptic into a well-educated WOTW being


...and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us


The world's number 1 WOTW fan

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Posted 12/02/2006 20:06

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Good work..I know things I never knew about the album...keep it up :@)
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Posted 25/04/2006 05:24

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Very informative. Thank you. So many exciting War of the worlds things to look foward too!

And slowly but surely, they drew there plans against us!
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Posted 12/12/2006 13:47

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i wounder. how long did it take for you to type all that out?



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Posted 12/12/2006 17:47

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A long time


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