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Red Weed 2 Minigame Now Available!
Posted 04/12/2011 13:47

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We released the Red Weed 2 game a week ago last Friday, free to everyone that owns Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds: Minigame Adventure iOS app.

Avoid the Martian Claw as it searches for you, room by room! Can you stay a step ahead, or will you be plucked from the house to become the next meal for the Martians?

There are 10 story and 10 bonus puzzles, all based on the popular Theseus puzzle style invented by Robert Abbott. Some screen shots are attached. And if you don't have the Minigame Adventure, get your copy and start your own adventure today!

Red Weed 2 is the 9th minigame in the series of 12 included in the Minigame Adventure.

Thanks for everyone's support! Let us know how we're doing.

The zGames Team


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