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Brave New World minigame now available!
Posted 21/12/2011 16:16

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The Brave New World minigame is now available, ahead of schedule, just in time for the holidays! And TWOTW forum members are the first to hear about it.

As always, the game is free to everyone that owns Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds: Minigame Adventure iOS app.

Play cards with the Artilleryman, as he tells you all about his plans for a brave new world! The game is Euchre, a popular card game during Victorian times, and one specifically mentioned by H.G. Wells in the novel. Even the card deck artwork is inspired by the De La Rue cards manufactured at the turn of the century.

Some screen shots are attached. And if you don't have the Minigame Adventure, get your copy and start your own adventure today!

The Artilleryman Returns is the 11th minigame in the series of 12 included in the Minigame Adventure.

Thanks for everyone's support! Let us know how we're doing.

The zGames Team


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Posted 21/12/2011 16:19

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Brilliant! Love the detail and the way research was done to insure card design to match the period! Absolutely brilliant work, for some stupid reason... this App makes me consider to buy an Ipad though
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