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How To Purchase JW TWOTW Merchandise
Posted 31/03/2008 21:51

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I too have enquired to buy things and I have always found TWOTW team  at the shop superb.

So naturally,  I am most surprised at reading this report.

Many things I have brought thru them - once I brought three of the same thing (DVD of the 2006 special edition) and they actually went to the trouble to email me and ask, was I correct in ordering '3' discs- they thought that I might have accidently ordered 3 by mistake. To protect me they wanted to be sure I DID want 3 of the same items!

As it was for three different people- all was fine.

But when I stopped and thought about it, what an honest team of people I have ever come across. So caring and went to so much trouble to ensure I did actually want 3 and not done by mistake of pushing the button too many times.

I have a sneeky suspicion , thye were not speaking to the genuine team...

Loxley xxx

"I got a plan..."


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Posted 06/04/2008 04:03
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Forum Newbie

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Quote: To be fair, it has been made clear that the DVD is only avaliable on PAL (Region2) format. As it is, you will basically need a PAL *compatible* or multi-region DVD player to play the disc. Have you ...

Hi all,

I am a long time fan of this musical work but I am just discovering the recent developments like the 2006 and 2007 live performances.

Well, as you might imagine I am dying to see them but I am also one of those weird 'mericans with our weird NTSC video standard. Seems very strange that in 2008 we still can't simply purchase and watch each others programs. : P

So is there an official recommendation for those of us that don't have hackable players and don't want to buy additional hardware? Should we wait for a NTSC version?

Any other work around seems messy and would likely not be supported let alone allowed by the licence as it might include "ripping" the video, (from a legitimately purchased DVD mind you, as a musician myself, I support artists.) then converting it to NTSC before burning it back to a disk that would be playable in our players.

I think that is possible anyway...

Oh, I have a NTSC PS3 for playing DVDs so as near as I can tell there are no hacks to get it to play other regions disks. I'm not totally sure I would want to go messing with that anyway.

Hmmm, just had a thought, I have a TV with HDMI inputs and I often hook my Mac straight into one of those via a DVI to HDMI cable. I wonder if there are any software based players that will handle the disk on a Macbook Pro sold in the US?

I will have to look into that.

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Posted 14/06/2009 12:19

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Supreme Being

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Are there any plans to extend the range of merchandise in the official store? It seems to be running slightly low atm. Although all the items are great! No complaints what so ever.




I maybe nuts but im no fruitcake!

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