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TWOTW invades the 2014 Queensland Eisteddfod!
Posted 09/01/2014 14:20

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Supreme Being

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Howdy all!

As part of my solo entries at the 2014 Queensland Eisteddfod in April, I'll be performing "Brave New World" in the Musical Theatre competition.

Started rehearsing the piece late last year and the other day saw a parcel from the UK arrive with a vintage Royal Artillery gunner's uniform - which I'll be ever so slightly ruining :3 the idea is to portray the Artilleryman as per Ricky Wilson's performance in the recent UK arena tour, so I'll throw some steampunk ideas in as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a friend in the crowd to video my performance so you all can view it!


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Oh really now...

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