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Dublin Show Cancelled
Posted 06/10/2014 16:14

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Just got a text today to say the Dublin show has been cancelled.

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Posted 06/10/2014 16:26

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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Unfortunately TWOTW performance scheduled at the Dublin O2 Arena on 27th November has been cancelled due to logistical problems with changes in the ferry timetables.

On all previous occasions when we’ve played there and followed by Liverpool, we have always had a day off to ensure travelling and set-up times weren’t under risk. But for this tour we had to accept the booking without that day off, solely due to venue availability.

We have recently learned that the ferry timetable changed, to where the risk of being able to perform in either Dublin or Liverpool (the following day) was too great. Every possible alternative option to make both shows work has been explored.

As a result, we have decided that it would be too much of a risk to attempt to ship by ferry overnight between Dublin and Liverpool.

In 8+ years of touring TWOTW, we’ve never had this situation arise, so it goes without saying it is very disappointing. We apologies to all our fans for the inconvenience, and those who have already purchased tickets for the Dublin show.

Full refunds will be offered due to the cancellation of this performance, due to be held at the Dublin O2 Arena on 27th November.

The first show will now be on 28th November at the Liverpool Echo Arena.
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