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A New docu DVD?
Posted 31/10/2007 22:31

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May be dreamin' here, possibly wishful thinking...but is there going to be a new DVD on TWOTW behind the scenes in down under Australia/New Zealand ?

Much as I loved the first docu - DVD - I do find the ol' ears playing up and trying to hear /understand these interesting stories.

Can I ask, on behalf of those fans of Jeff, that maybe, some subtitles can be added in English as well as European languages?

Also, maybe Jeff Wayne TWOTW team might add these to the current DVD for future manufactured ones in the process in the near future. I would like to purchase another one with English subtitiles for that too!

Would love to have heard what Justin was on about during his rehearsals with Jeff and co!

Would make the world of difference for me. And I'm positive for the other very quiet ones who won't put their hand up to own up to being a bit ear-jagged like me! We are all rather proud people who like to discreetly plug in the support without the obvious!

all best to you,

Loxley xx



Loxley xxx

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