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What's going on?
Posted 15/08/2011 09:03

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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This is something I've noticed for some time now, I saw it a week or 2 ago with a ''busy'' day, but since then it grew into this, and now there are +/- 200 members online ALL the time, and +/- 1200 guests. But almost all of them are very strange named:

Is it just me that noticed it, or is it also visable for the rest?
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Posted 17/08/2011 13:08

Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

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I noticed this too - not sure what's going on. There was a wave of spam posts about two months ago, but I dealt with most of those as they turned up. That was before this started though. I'll ask tech-support what they think! Some of these members have the same IP, I think, so it's kind of suspicious!

Brendan Agnew: TWOTW Site Admin and overall Nutter

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