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Digital Scans of the Original TWOTW Art
Posted 21/05/2012 19:38

Forum Newbie
Forum Newbie

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Hi folks,

I've ripped my War Of The Worlds in to iTunes, I'm looking for good quality
scans of the Trim/Goodfellow art to add to the cover art to view it on my ipad.

So - can I buy scans, or is there any content like this in the Ulla club?



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Posted 02/08/2012 15:42

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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if you look on the net there will be many images of the cover, or else scan you cd cover into the computer then you can add the pic in itunes :-) Mummy to 3 :-)

burdened with CFS/ME though WOTW helps me to get through it :-)
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