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Posted 24/11/2012 17:13

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I know its awfully frustrating that the UK hasn't been able to get in on itunes yet. I was annoyed people could get it yesterday but us people in the UK couldn't however...

It's not JUST out on iTunes now

My physical copy of the CD arrived early this afternoon. I pre-ordered it from and they have the tendency send your pre orders a much as a week before release. Mine was dispatched on Wednesday morning and arrived today so anyone who has pre-ordered the album, if you're at work or something today check the post when you get home! If you haven't got it yet, it'll be there on Monday morning I suspect

As for the album itself... I would suggest that you try to push the original album out of your mind, it can be so easy to compare the two albums and say "Oh but that sounds wrong! that's not suppose to happen" ect

As a stand alone album I think it is what Jeff explained it to be... a true companion.
There are points that Liam Neesons narration is a little weaker than others and points where hem I think, surpasses Richard Burton. The additional dialogue I really loved.

As for the guest artists I have to say Alex Clare was by far my favourite vocalist. He's got a great strong tone for Thunderchild.

I am not a fan at all really of Joss Stone's acting and her singing sometimes was too harsh for my liking however Maverick Sabre really surprised me, I loved him in Spirit of Man. Gary Barlow is very good too but I don't believe anyone could beat Justin Hayward.

Ricky Wilson is also pretty good vocally but his acting is not as strong as his singing.

The music in terms of concept hasn't really changed. There are some additional bits and pieces but its the instrumentation that's changed more than the arrangement itself but anything that has been added sounds great.
There's elements of music in there that have never been heard before in TWOTW, elements that you probably wouldn't expect but they actually work.

Personally my least favourite track on the New Generation is probably the Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine, and favourite is either Horsell Common, Dead London or oddly, Epilogue Part 2... that really managed to scare the living day lights out of me and by far surpasses the original! You'll hear what I mean

Overall I thought, its a great album Very enjoyable and a very good companion to the original

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December 6th 2012... Wembley Arena, The War Of the Worlds The New Generation, amazing experience
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Posted 24/11/2012 19:57
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Thank you to for delivering my albumn today
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