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Music Vid for Forever Autumn
Posted 04/08/2013 15:20

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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" ...I think the red weed is said to be either deliberately as an attempt to terraform, or unintentionally brought with the cylinders and that the narrator himself isn't sure which, but it would stand to reason that the first time he see's it isn't necessarily the first time it appears.
Equally the book never makes it clear how the artilleryman knows the Martians are feeding off their victims - so clearly a lot is glossed over... "

The red-weed was brought unintentionally by the martians.
H.G. Wells compared this with the rodents brought-in by the first settlers to Australia.
I guess the artilleryman has seen quite a lot during his own endeavour. Being a soldier he probably saw more than the typical citizen. That is probably that what the author expected to fathom by the reader.

The feeding of the martians was also described in the 1897 serials which got taken-out in the post 1898 Editions due to some "unrest" amongst the Pearson-Magazine Readers. There was a description of a living person found tied in Wimbledon Stadium who had been sedated by the martians.

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Posted 08/09/2013 22:47
Forum Guru
Forum Guru

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Nice video.

Just one observation. Isn't Carrie supposed to live in a little red brick house in one of the suburbs of London with her father, and not a Emily Bronte style house in the countryside?
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