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O2 London 15/12/12
Posted 16/12/2012 17:24
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Went to the show last night and must say I was very disappointed.

The new dialogue adds absolutely nothing to the story as far as I could tell and means they couldn't use Richard Burtons voice, which I think is the perfect voice for this story. I'm not a fan of Liam Neeson anyway, but he doesn't sound as good.

Marti Pellow was nowhere near as good as Justin Haywood. Haywood seems to sing from the gut and Pellow just seemed lacklustre and in the wrong tone.

Preferred Thompson as the voice of humanity, though the new guy isn't too of the better singers last night.

Jason Donovan didn't really sound great either.

The guy playing the artillery man (not sure of his name) was pretty of the show for me.

The sound levels were off. The music sometimes drowned the vocals out, sometimes the vocals drowned out the music. The snare drum was too loud and drowned out almost everything. They changed some of the instruments/arrangements on several songs, which didn't sound as good as the original and had annoying echoes on some comments/words.

There was some dialogue between two people, but one of them was mute.

All in all very disappointed. I don't see why they messed with such an amazing album/show and really can't see why Burton would be left out. I guess if you'd never seen the show before, you'd be impressed, but I much preferred it the last time I went. Saying that, most of the audience seemed to enjoy it.

So, gutted as they've kind of ruined it for me....and 'cos I spent £280 getting 4 tickets. Hopefully they'll revert back to the original version.



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Posted 17/12/2012 11:54

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Supreme Being

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I have to say I disagree on almost every count and this was our 4th visit to the O2 TOTW Alive on stage.

Marti Pellow was better than I expected, I'd read reviews and he'd not come out well. He is on a hiding to nothing as I doubt anyone could come up to the standard of Justin, Justin hade made that song his own.

Ricky Wilson as the artilleryman: Best I've seen

Jason Donovan as the Parson: Excellent, acted the part throughout really looked tormented and sang spot on

Kerry Ellis as Beth: Started a little weak but improved in to the part well and acted well throughout.

Will Stapleton as the voice of humanity: Nailed it.

Liam Neeson: Was good but as with Justin Haywood, Richard Burton made this his own so Liam could never win. Shame about the 1 technical hitch, but it was acted well and Richard couldn't do that! Jeff has explained in length why it had to be re-done.


The sound: The O2 accoustics are rubbish and always have been, I don't know where you sat but front and centre was as good as ever. If you want a whinge then the strings balance was a little low, but if that's my only complaint...... enough said!


I as a 50+ have lived with the original WOTW since I bought it at release and was very nervous of the New Generation but I have to say it may not be perfect but it also isn't a dissapointment.



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