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LP Singles
Posted 31/12/2011 11:45

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Hi there,

I've been collecting War of the Worlds stuff for quite a while now, and I am getting a large collection so far, but I found LPs released as singles. I read on a site that there were three singles, Eve of the War (and the Red Weed), Forever Autumn (and the Fighting Machine) and Brave New World.

I mean these three:

But are there any more? I can image Thunderchild and Spirit of Man also being released as singles, but I can't really find any concrete information about it.

So does anyone here knows about how many singles there were created, or different versions or any other information about it, becouse I also found this one, it's another cover for the Eve of the War (Red Weed) single:

Anyway, hope anyone can help me out
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Posted 31/12/2011 14:50
Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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Spirit of man was never released as a single as Julie Covington had just had a big hit and wanted to ride off the success of that. (I think that was the reason that i had heard)

I think the thunder child is too short and to musical specific to be released as a single (but then again i might be wrong.)


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