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Note from Jeff - SA-CD
Posted 17/07/2009 22:15
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I know this is an old topic, but I just splashed out on the collector's edition and it came today. I thought it would be amazing but with having a cheap and quite old LG player (it was inherited from a friend who didn't have the room) I don't think I'm getting all the juicy 5.1 goodness which made me a little sad...I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to miss it, though it is difficult for me to tell whether it is in 5.1 or not - can anyone pick me out a but that would help me differentiate?

~However: it still sounds absolutely amazing and I'm really impressed with what is a lovely package all round. I just didn't think the original could sound better, but I was proved wrong. Awesome. Totally awesome. And how humble, passionate and likeable is Mr Wayne on the DVD?

Now...If only I could get me one of them fancy SACD compatible players! (there's no chance - I'm skint)



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