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Crumbs the 7 cd collectors edition on spotify -
Posted 04/08/2009 00:19
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I was having a sniff around spotify and happen to find that the war of the worlds 2009 is on there.  I thought for those that want to have a listen there is the playlist and i tell you something if you paying to have no adverts you hardly notice the gap from one track to another.

What was a even bigger suprise is the whole 7 cd collectors edition is also on spotify to have a listen too.

So if you not one of ther lucky ones to have got the collectors edition or cant afford the £75 pound price tag!!! from the offical shop have a listen on

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Posted 02/10/2009 11:22

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Its great, is Spotify.. at the moment i'm trialling the mobile app on my Android phone and its great just to sync a playlist with before you leave home to listen to on the way to work... and is not illegal downloading.

Only thing that you dont really get from listening to the Collectors Edition on there is you will get different takes and there will be a different vocal (ie, the stuff by Chris Amoo of the Real Thing).. and unless you dont have the box set in front of you, you dont know what each track is... plus the DVD is well worth a watch as well. I understand you can still buy it if you look round (and maybe still via this site).. but do treat yourself.
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