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Posted 13/11/2011 19:17

Supreme Being
Supreme Being

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This is as much a response to kiwimikes sherlock holmes question as it is a new thread.

I would love to think that soon, we as fans, could experience TWOTW in 3D or HD in some way or another.

Right now technology is at it's best to deliver either a Live or filmed version of our favourite show using these format's.

A couple of week's ago I watched a Halloween concert by Alice Cooper on the SKY ARTS chanel, it was broadcast in 3D and I must say it was absolutely stunning to watch.

I can only try to picure what TWOTW Live would look like given the same kind of treatment.

As for a film, the sherlock holmes/van helsing, league of gentlemen style of movie would suit TWOTW down to the ground and again try to imagine this in HD/3D.






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Posted 18/11/2011 10:59

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The original show has been on Sky Arts in the past... and I believe it was shown in HD, and was one of the first things Sky had in HD...

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