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what came first?
Posted 17/07/2007 09:59

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I heard it first as a kid, as my parents had it & had taped it so we could listen to it in the car.

Saw the 1953 movie loads (always seemed to be on).

I then got the cd when I was at Uni, about 9-10 years ago.

Since then, got the PC & Playstation games (prefer the PC version).

Picked up an old copy of the Vinyl album a few years back, and got round to reading the book last year.

Saw the SS film (don't rate it all that much), and have tickets to the NEC show this year!!!


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Posted 25/07/2007 14:06

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Probably the 50's movie when I was a nipper, but didn't really take any notice of it's genius until I heard "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version".

It was only then that I started to read the book which became more interesting while listening to Jeff's Music.

But in all honesty it was Jeff Wayne that made me stand up and take notice. It's in my opinion the greatest Si-Fi story ever told.

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Posted 21/09/2007 13:20

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Forum Newbie

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I grew up with the album. I don't remember exactly when I heard it for the first time - but I was pretty young at the time. It was soon after the album had been released - I must have been about nine or ten at the time. It was the unscrewing of the cylinder that got to me.

After that I listened to it frequently. Our family used to go to the coast every New Year and I'd listen to it in the car (mid-teens by now). Love the album and always have. Somewhere along the line I got hold of the musical score. Now I can replay any section of the album in my head on demand - and sing the bits when required.

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Posted 03/10/2007 03:59

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My big brother got the album when it first came out (I would have been 14) and we would all sit around in the dark listening to it and freaking out the two younger brothers (ah, good times)!  (Great memory of us all lying out on the lawn in the middle of the night, watching a meteor shower, with WOTW blasting out of the top floor window - thank god we lived in the country!)

When I finally got hold of my own copy I completely thrashed it, and have pretty much listened to it every day (either in the car, at home, or in recent years on the PC at work).

Consequently, didn't feel like I even needed to read the book until a couple of years ago!  (Was very pleased Jeff's version was so like the original book).

Then I saw the SS movie.  MAJOR letdown.

Just saw Jeff's live show, and will admit to bursting into tears when Justin Hayward first walked on stage - aw come on, Im 42 years old and this is the soundtrack to my life people! I make NO apologies!



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Posted 03/10/2007 10:51

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I heard Jeff Wayne's first from my Dad's cd collection years ago,  i really fell in love with it straight away and kept borrowing it to listen to.  The cover had the entire narration printed and i actually remember typed the whole thing out for typing practice on lonely days!   so i can thank Jeff for the speed at which i type

second i played the PC game and never ever got to complete it as it was too damn hard, id surround the enemybase witha full batallion in all the areas and storm the HQ then get trampled to death. sis that a few times then gave up hah.

Next came the 1950's movie, if i hadnt known the story beforehand i wouldnt have gotten to the end of the film due to the effects but due the fact i was a fan i enjoyed it for its cheesy effects'ness

next came the Book, found the first half quite a difficult read as my reading attention span is quite limited and reading really acts as a sleeping pill for me, i can get through two pages and im spark out, no matter what book it is, really annoying as I really love reading.  Was interesting to learn the real story and the comparisons between the book and musical version.  After hearing the Jeff Wayne version first that sticks with me as the definitive version even though i know very well its an adaptation of the book.

Next came the Tom Cruise movie, i like it, think its had a bit too much bad press, its an interpretation of the story, dont think anyone said it was a movie version of the book and people should remember that.

Last of all and most recently, i saw the live show DVD (not seen the LIVE show yet, hope to one day if its still going) great stuff, dont like Russel Watson after all that turning up late crap (not the illness stuff the otherstuff), i developed a grudge for him after that,  also i really prefer to see un-knowns play the roles as im always thinking its an actor who does other stuff just come in to play it rather than thats the character.

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Posted 03/10/2007 22:49

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Supreme Being

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The Movie, Gene Barry 1953.

The Masterpiece on vinyl 78.

The Movie Tom Cruise 05.

The Book, penguin classic unabridged 05.

The Earthstopping Live Event 06.

The DVD OF the live event 06.

Here and now, this place 07.







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Posted 05/10/2007 01:01

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Supreme Being

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I think the musical.


My dad had it on tape, even though we're "'MERICANS", and we were playing it on a trip to my grandparents's house in Reno.


Then the Greatest Illustrated Classics book, then I stopped caring for a while. I saw the Tom Cruise movie, but I never drew a connection to the musical for some reason. I had forgotten it...


Then, on a forum called Facepunch, someone posted a video of The Eve of the War music set to pictures in an "Epic Music" thread, and my interest in the musical, and WOTW in general, came rushing back.


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Posted 05/10/2007 18:52

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An elder brother had the vinyl double album and I got to hear it when he played it.

Not long after *at primary school still* I read the H G Wells novel; the one with the hooded drawing on the front of the tripod.

It wasn't until around 1981/82 I actually got the highlights album. Soon after that I purchased the now out of print sheet music book.

I hold my hand up when I say this - but I've never actually purchased the double album. Instead, I have purchased over the years both Ulladubulla *bit of a mouthful so apologies if I spelt it incorrectly* albums on CD *the last Ulla volume 2 I wasn't even aware had been released until by chance in London during the summer last year I spotted the poster in one of the HMV's so got it in what used to be Tower Records*. And I got the newly re-released highlights album this year.

Back in 1989 got the 12 inch single Eve of the War.

It's actually because of the Spielberg movie I found this site. Cos I kept looking up WOTW updates which lead me here.

And I am really looking forwards to seeing the show this December. More importantly, how much I can buy in the way of merchandise. Just over 2 months away. Yay!

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Posted 10/12/2007 15:20
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Forum Newbie

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Er, Hi *waves* this is my forst post so don't hurt me.

I saw the George Pal movie when I was about 5 and loved it, but didn't realise what it was - I missed the titles.

Then a few years later, I read the book - there was a kids magazine called Look and Learn that featured WOTW on the cover with some lovely illustrations and an article about the book, then in my school library I found 3 key things: The HGW Novel. A book called Movie Magic by John Brosnan which was about special effects and had a section on the Pal movie - that's when I realised what I had seen some years previously, and a series of books by John Christopher called the Tripods Trilogy. My first thought was that he'd ripped off Wells. And he had. But only in the Tripod machine design. So, that copy of Look and learn had a lot to answer for.

A few years later, I was in our local Woolworths, and saw a magnificent looking double album on the racks.

Thunderchild! Fighting Machine! Richard Burton! Phil Lynott! Oh and David Essex.

(I don't hate Mr Essex, he was just deeply unhip in '78 at a school that demanded you love Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd)

I WANTED that album, especially when Forever Autumn and The Eve of the War appeared on the radio.

So on my 14th birthday I took my birthday money and off to Woolies I went.

I have been through two vinyl copies, the double CD, Tour DVD and last night, I got to see the show in Manchester.

I am 43, and loved WOTW since I was 5. Loved the Album for 29 years.

Oh I even loved the SS movie - hell folks it's  a diferent version - a remix, a radical cover version, and it rocks.

But oh Mr Wayne. What a job:-) You even managed to help sort out my relationship and made me a new friend last night.

Cheers Jeff.


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Posted 10/12/2007 20:57

Senior Member
Senior Member

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At the tender age of 12 going on 13, Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds came crashing in to my life.

It was 1978 and i loved the likes of ELO and Mike Oldfield already. My path had been set. So, i begged my parents for the double album. Thankfully, they listened to that particular plea. The rest, they say, is history. I never got into the Gene Barry film. I read the book at about 15. In about 1999(ish) I picked up the PC version of the game. the one that keeps crashing?... I wish they'd do another with the same set up for XP or even for playstation or whatever format.

The show introduced me to justin hayward and i've been a fan of The Moody Blues ever since.

I never tire of listening to it and, this time tomorrow, i shall be soaking it up in Cardiff

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