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memorys of when you first heard war of the worlds
Posted 11/05/2011 02:37

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I just watched Steve's War of the Words and the next day I went on you tube and searched war of the worlds
and I stumbled upon Jeff Waynes version and LOVED it!Last year for chirstmas I got the CD of it.My dad probly regrets buying it coz I play it ALL the time.DA DA DA dalala dalala da da da DALALA DALALA!!!!


Wich seat should I take?

Martion:-_- ulla.


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Posted 27/04/2012 13:52
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1978, eve of the war was in the charts and i loved that song. I was born in april 1971 so i was just a 7 Y/o boy. Asked my parents to buy the record and they did.. They were going to buy it anyway. So from listening to the musical jesus christ superstar i went to WOTW. I really didn't understand a word (i speak Dutch ) but a dutch radiostation "Radio Veronica" translated it also in 78 so now it was even better to listen to for me as a little boy. Brave new world and spirit of man have been my all time favorites but i listened to the whole LP anyway, start to finish.. the way it was made! Horsell common also rocks.. when suddenly.. the lid fell off.. wow

Rock on! Still love it
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Posted 17/08/2012 08:47

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oh - i can't remember, exactly, when i have first heard twotw - But it had to be in my early childhood.

My father had bought the vinyl and I must have loved it because I wanted to hear it again - of course, i did not understand anything - as a little german boy from an age of maybe 4-6 years, english is no language that i could understand - so my mum have translated it for me.
with this album i learned to use a vinyl-player

after that, i have had nightmares of green eyes, looking through my windows and tripods wandering through our neighborhood.

but i wanted to hear it again and again.

So, in the middle of the 90's i was on the search for the CD version of it, because i thought, it must be available on CD.
I should get for your birthday my first CD player and wanted twotw listening on it.
But i couldn't find anything in Germany... and also in other countries, when i was on vacation i have searched every CD stand for it.

My Grandparents broght the CD from england for me... that's my journey through twotw.

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Posted 17/08/2012 09:49
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Supreme Being

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I think the first time I heard it it was in a car - I was so scared of the ULAAA I banned my parents from playing it around me. I eventually got over it of course


see tripods - check
run from tripods - check
see tripods dying - check
boast about taking 20 out with nothing but a cough - awaiting compleation
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