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what a find !!
Posted 12/06/2009 21:34

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Forum Newbie

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Introduction and hello from the Arizona 'desert'.

Quite by accident, I just picked up the original LP of WOTW (with booklet) yesterday.

I was initially searching for the Woodstck LP, and came across it in the extreme discount !! section. Now, somewhere on the web, I remembered about a quote from (actor?musician?) someone who was raving about this concept album based on one of my favorite stories. I fully intend to transfer it to CD, (as I have similarly been working on my LP's from younger days), and, after my wife had read the booklet and album jacket, SHE  would like a CD also. This is quite remarkable, for A. she posseses a totally different/opposite set of musical tastes than I, and B. neither one of us have heard the record yet. !

Being a newcomer to any kind of 'forum' site, I respectfully request any advice possible to help me navigate and make the most out of this venture. I'm sure to have basic (and maddening) neophyte issues regarding your fine site, so, I'll apologize now, and pledge to be a good learner.  I have been able to register and create an avatar (like the ones I've seen from existing, more experienced participants), so that's a good start anyway. (first question; what is the deal with the area; Horsell Common ?)

Basic background: As a kid, I became aware of HG Wells thru my fascination with things SCI-FI, and of course 'monster movies'. An early high point being the film versions of WOTW ; black & white, Gene Barry, death ray & all. Then, still keeping my obsessions to myself, advancing thru life, became a devoted follower of music, in several unique forms, that of the progressive/concept area (King Crimson, Alan Parsons, Yes, Genesis, Moody Blues, etc..) among others, and have never really strayed too far from them. So, it is natural that my interest would be targeted at something with Justin Hayward's hand on it. Thus leading me to further explore this record, for now several appealing reasons.

I have to say, I was really shocked, when first accessing your website, I found that the 30year anniversary has manifested itself into a touring musical event, and can only hope, it will someday make it to the States, in its entirety.

If you'll tolerate it, I will be happy to submit, yet another newcomer's view (or review) of the music, and hope to bring a fresh opinion to the table, for discussion, or dismissal, (you decide), once I have heard it enough to warrant comment.

(someone please advise if this particular topic area is, in fact, the correct place to begin this subject?)

Dzien dobry !!


"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."   Groucho Marx

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Posted 12/06/2009 21:39

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Forum Administrator

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Hi, welcome to the site!
Feel free to post your review
"Horsell Common" is essentially Facebook for members of this site.
Enjoy your stay, and enjoy the music!

Brendan Agnew: TWOTW Site Admin and overall Nutter

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Posted 12/06/2009 22:54

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Hey this is great. Sounds like you have indeed unearthed an amazing quest.

Do stay with us here... share more of your opinions and findings...

we are all mad  here and one big happy family !


Loxley xxx

"I got a plan..."


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