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Wish i had heard it for the first time in it's full years ag...
Posted 28/03/2011 11:42
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Only this year did i finally get the chance to get TWOW and hear it in full, for years i have not had the time or money to spend on it.
Now i have, and i can tell you it just started with me searching for the DVD of the live tour, i finally found it, and bought it, over a month ago, and i enjoyed it, and have seen it more times than i will ever see that film with blue cats (hahah Avatar) which was twice, this Music.. i have to say.... I wish i had heard it years ago, it has EVERYTHING i like about music, my favorite track being 'The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine" for it's exquisite Synth and Bass progression, everybody gets chills down their spine hearing it, and so do i.

I really loved the touch of the CGI with the Live Musical DVD, I am so pained that during 2007 i never knew about the Live Tour, i could have gone and seen it, but i never saw any ads or promotion of any news of it, i am so pained that it completely passed me by for 4 years..
I can only hope Jeff and his team might someday return to Australia someday, but i know that is highly unlikely, and even if he would listen, i couldn't ask that of him or any of us Aussie fans, the team obviously puts allot of time and effort into their tours which are no doubt exhausting and very hard.

Since seeing the DVD, i have bought the 2 Disc album from 2005 and also have the Highlights i picked up just because they were cheap, i also bought an Ipod Shuffle on the day that i got the CD and put the whole lot onto my Shuffle and spent allot of time structuring them to play in the right order.

having had a great introduction to progressive rock opera, i cannot help but ask why, other musicians have not tried doing something of the same genre that Jeff has done, tell a story through brilliant music using motifs and instrumental prop tracks to make what is basically a Rock Opera mixed with An audio book.
It is Brilliant.
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