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Tom Cruise Version
Posted 11/08/2012 12:26

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i know, this is an older topic - but i have to say, that i'm finding the Spielberg Version of War Of the Worlds not as bad as some of you.

Of Course, there are may details changed, when you compare the H.G. Wells book and the film, but i think, this is just artistic freedom - and there are a lot of films that more far away from the version of the books they are based on.

Spielberg hav just done it right - he puts a classic book and changed it to a modern world - where most of the viewers don't know H.G. Wells book.
So, he made this Classic Sci-Fi available for Kids and maybe, they deal with the original stuff.

You don't have to forget, that most of us are knowing all the stuff around the Musical Version, the 50's film and all other things, based on war of the worlds.

But does any Kid of today known these things also?
Did they read other books than "Harry Potter" ?

No - so, the Spielberg Film is a good way to bring such Classics back.
Nobody would look it, if it's playing in the Vicotian Time...
They haven't any relation to this period.

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Posted 11/08/2012 12:32
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Could have at least kept it in england...


see tripods - check
run from tripods - check
see tripods dying - check
boast about taking 20 out with nothing but a cough - awaiting compleation
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Posted 11/08/2012 18:23

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Some things were always going to be difficult.

1) people are resistant to change. Some people are always going to dislike a new version, simply because it is not the one they are used to. You will see this with the new version of the stage show and the new album. Some people will hate the new cast out of hand.This is not to be confused with people who have considered both and chosen the older version.

2) Some of the underlying themes from the book have not been included in the movie. It happens. It happened in the earlier film version. It annoys the crap out of me. I should probably build a bridge, but I won't

3)The book describes things we hadn't seen before. Scfi was in its infancy - the word didn't even exist. Now we are saturated with aliens - good, evil, comedic.... the unimaginable heat-ray becomes so easily a laser in our minds that the impact is lost. Spielberg was never going to get that back.

Did I like it? Not really.
Am I losing massive amounts of sleep and writing hate mail to Tom cruise? ......Not for this
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Posted 26/08/2012 17:40

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Quote: Let's just hope that Jeff's one will be "Consistently Good"

it will never be consistently good, because it already is

*See fighting machine*
*Turn off footy*
*Pick up phone*
''Honey. Should I quit drinking?''

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