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independence day
Posted 19/03/2011 06:09

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If you have seen it the ending reminds you of how the war of the worlds ended but with a cumputer viruse instead of the cold.It's been a while since I watched it so leave a comment on other simleretys.


Wich seat should I take?

Martion:-_- ulla.


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Posted 05/04/2011 02:31
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Supreme Being

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Independance Day is based off B movie alien invasions, but those are in turn based on War of the Worlds with the whole Martian invasion theme.

But it does have similarities to WOTW but not sure if they are intentional.

The aliens are basically feeble and helpless and rely on travel with Biomechanical machines to get around, these machines also have lots of tentacles.

the Spielburg Adaption of War of the Worlds had allot of similarities with the independance day aliens, they look very similiar with cuttlefish shaped heads and shiny black eyes, and their Tripods are Biomechanical in fact you could say that movie was a spiritual successor to ID LOL!

i saw the movie recently, rented it last tuesday, when it really comes down to it, There are not allot of similarities to WOTW and ID but a few things.

the aliens from ID are not that comparable to the Martians really, their evil creatures that go from world to world using up everything till there's nothing left, then move on, Martians on the other hand were just desperate and considered invading Earth their last option for survival.
Independance Day really had no philosophy underlying it, was just a fun action flick.
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