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Hello All

Newsletter 29th December 2005

Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year from the TWOTW Team!

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Tour in April!!


"Hello everyone

Although I've been traveling all of December, and not returning home to the UK until December 23rd, I wanted to write a short note of thanks for everyone's support to TWOTW generally and, of course, for the enthusiasm and participation you have all given to our website.

As we are approaching our first Christmas since TWOTW website was launched last April, I look back with all the things that have come to fruition already, or will start rolling out from next year.

We've seen the re-launch of the recordings, culminating in a 10 week run in the Top 10 of the UK Album charts beginning last June, and as I write this note to you - from my hotel room - the album remains in the album charts for nearly its seventh straight month. In case you didn't know, TWOTW double album is now ranked inside the Top 10 of longest running albums in the charts since charts began being compiled in the UK in the late 1940's, as well as inside the Top 40 of Best Selling Albums of all time.

I was told these statistics just before leaving the UK, and, of course, with sales and chart positions continuing, these statistics are likely to only go up. They were ONLY achieved because of the acceptance from all of you and those millions of fans from around the world. And it seems that the support has continued with new generations of listeners discovering what I and all those who collaborated with me created all those many years ago.

Additionally to the double CD being remixed in stereo, mixed in 5.1 and the increased booklet accompanying the double album package, the big surprise for all of us has been the remarkable success of the 6 CD/1DVD/80 page - The Collectors Edition. Sales for it have far exceeded everyone's expectations and it has been critically picked as one of the best anthology's of its kind. All those who helped in its creation are proud of the end results, and I guess the public's reaction to it has confirmed that over a year's work on it alone was very well worthwhile.

As most of you probably already know, our concert Tour starts next April 13 in the UK. Because of the demand for tickets, what started out as one show at the Royal Albert Hall quickly became multiple dates going from 1 to 7, then to 10, then 13 and now most recently The Point in Dublin has been added as a 14th date. I think it is fair to say - 'no one would have believed...' any of us expected such an acceptance for taking TWOTW live. International enquiries have also been coming in and we expect to make announcements about that in the near future.

Without giving too much away about the shows, I and our production team are putting everything into the production values that we hope everyone who attends will walk away feeling it was a memorable evening.

I think all the other details of our various projects have been regularly posted and it's all there to be found on the site itself.

And in that respect, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Jonathan, Tony, Lee and Brendan for being The Best Moderators In The World. Without their passion and dediciation for TWOTW and the time they have put in, our website could never have been the one that it became, and remains. Our website, designed brilliantly by Fifth Dimension, needs daily love and attention, and without TWOTW team of Moderators to keep it all injected with fresh ideas as well as keeping it all up-to-date, it could never keep the freshness it has.

You may have followed that Jonathan over these last months has had medical issues that have kept him more in the background, but I'm happy to report that currently he is in top form again, and has let us know he will be rejoining the team, I hope for a long period of time.

If you have any suggestions as to how TWOTW website can be expanded, or if there are any particular areas you feel we haven't touched on, please let us know - TWOTW website is OUR website and is a reflection of all our feelings about TWOTW.

Finally, at this time of the year, we all start to unwind a bit, and relax and enjoy the warmth of our families and good friends. I hope all of you will do the same. I will be celebrating the holidays with my wife Geraldine, our four children - Anna-Marie (and her husband Damian), Jemma (and her new husband James), Zeb and Joab along with other relatives and some of our closest of friends.

With the warmest of wishes for the Season, and may 2006 find us all in a more tolerant and caring world.



We are happy to announce that sales of the Tour have been so phenomenal that a 14th date has been added - at The Point, Dublin, for 30 April, 2006.

Tickets are available at (search for The War of The Worlds).


Some tickets are still remaining for the exclusive opportunity to see the only Open Full Dress Rehearsal of the Tour.

ONLY 250 seats in total are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Successful applicants will receive a personal Ulla! laminated pass to gain entry to Bournemouth BIC on the evening of Wednesday 12th April 2006.

As well as seeing the Full Dress Rehearsal preview of the first-ever live show, there will be a photo opportunity with the production; a Meet & Greet session with Jeff Wayne; and a complimentary concert programme for each Ulla! Pass holder, personally signed by Jeff Wayne.

It will be an experience to remember!

Each applicant must have previously purchased a concert ticket for any venue on the forthcoming UK tour to see The War Of The Worlds Live in April 2006.

Each Ulla! Pass costs £75 inc VAT. Successful applicants will be given a confirmation number in order to collect their Ulla! Pass on the day, on the 12th April 2006, from the Bournemouth BIC Box Office upon presentation of their concert ticket and personal ID.

Apply NOW by emailing the following information to

First Name, Last Name (as it appears on your credit/debit card)
Address incl. Post Code (registered address of your credit card)
Contact Telephone Number
Contact Email Address
Credit Card Number, Start Date (where applicable), Issue Number (where applicable) and Expiry Date
Details of purchased Concert Ticket - show date, seat and block number.
Number of passes required
Upon application, you agree that Clear Channel Entertainment will charge £75 per pass to your card.
Bookings are strictly subject to availability on a first come first served basis. Remember... there are only a total of 250 seats available so APPLY NOW!!


Jeff and Jonathan Park, our set designer for the April 2006 Tour, were interviewed this month for TOTAL PRODUCTION, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!!

The War of The Worlds Team

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