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Hello All


The countdown is on to the start of the exciting 30th Anniversary Tour of The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage!

This year, to commemorate such a momentous anniversary The War of The Worlds have teamed up with Concert Live to create a special souvenir package.
wotw_300x312.jpg The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage! will be recorded by Concert Live at every venue. A CD will be available within 10 minutes of each performance ending, giving fans the chance to take home this exclusive package.

Not only will the CD contain the performance you have just seen (or in the case of a second or third show at a Venue, the first night’s performance) but the recordings will be presented in an exclusive packaging featuring bespoke artwork, and a bonus 3rd CD, featuring 20 instant photos taken at each recorded show.

Concert Live will be recording the following dates on The War of The Worlds tour:

7th June – Dublin O2 Arena
10th June - Aberdeen AECC
11th June - Glasgow SECC
12th June - Newcastle Arena
13th June - Manchester MEN
14th June - Liverpool Arena
16th June - Sheffield Arena
17th June - Nottingham Arena
19th June - Birmingham NIA
20th June - London O2 Arena
22nd June - Bournemouth BIC
24th June - Cardiff CIA
27th June - Brighton Centre
30th June - Amsterdam Music Hall

For more information CLICK HERE


We are pleased to announce that due to overwhelming public demand new production seats have been opened for the Liverpool Arena, June 14 and London O2 Arena, June 21. For more information visit:


The Daily Star reported on Sunday April 26, 2009 that Michael Jackson will use exactly the same special effect as The War of The Worlds, when he levitates himself with the help of David Copperfield.

Jennifer Ellison will also be levitating after her character Beth dies in the story. Jen will be the first to perform the trick at London’s O2 Arena, several months before Michael. In addition to the levitation, Jennifer will be made to disappear mid-air!

Who will win this “War” – that remains to be seen…!

The War of The Worlds Team

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