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Hello All


Greetings everyone, it's been a while since I've last written, and now with our 2010-2011 Tour firmly in place, it seemed like a good time to say ‘hello’ and let you know all that’s going to be happening over the coming year or so.

Already we have more shows booked then any previous tour - taking in the finest arenas in England, Scotland, Ireland (Dublin and Belfast), and Wales. There will be shows again in Amsterdam, Holland and instead of one show in Germany, as in July 2009, it has grown into a national tour there. We’re also most excited about playing Belgium for the first time - at Antwerp's Lotto Arena.

If you’d like details about the dates for any of the territories we’ll be playing, please check our Home Page for this information, or, if you would like to purchase tickets immediately, please CLICK HERE.

Before going any further, on behalf of myself and all those who make up TWOTW team, a very special THANK YOU to everyone who has continually given their loyal support over the years, as well as all the new fans and friends we've gained since we started touring in 2006.

Without such support our live productions couldn't have continued to grow, much less setting a new attendance record as we did with our 2009, 30th Anniversary Tour. By the time it was completed last July, we learned that we had passed the milestone of a half million people who have seen one of our shows. Truly, no one would have believed…

And in a world climate where such precarious economic conditions have affected all of us, it’s totally appreciated that so many people have chosen to come see TWOTW - Alive on Stage!

One thing that our continued success has allowed, is for us to re-invest into major new ingredients for every tour. Already, the ideas that have been confirmed for our next production, have convinced us that we will surpass anything we have produced before.

A few words about the cast so far…

In recent weeks I had the unexpected opportunity of being introduced to Jason Donovan, and then recording with him in my studio to try out all that The Artilleryman performs. He was superb, and I believe he will bring his own special magic to the role.
Jason.jpg However, it would be remiss of me not to mention Alexis James who played The Artilleryman in our 3 previous UK tours, and Michael Falzon who took on the role when we toured Australia and New Zealand in 2007. Both played The Artilleryman brilliantly, and each interpreting the part in their own special way. We’ve been so fortunate to have worked with Lex and Michael and we hope there will be other opportunities in the future for them to return to another production.

Another new addition to next year’s cast is Liz McClarnon. Liz is perhaps best known for being a member of Atomic Kitten as well as her more recent solo recordings and tv work. Liz has a beautiful voice (check out her 2007 hit of the Bee Gees ‘Woman In Love’), and like Jason, she worked with me in my studio to see how the role of Beth would suit her. I’m pleased to say we were both thrilled with the results.
LIZ.jpg I’m also pleased to announce that Justin Hayward will once again be reprising his role as The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist. As many of you know, Justin and I go back to my original double album of 1978. He is a remarkable artist and musician who is amongst the few, from any genre of music, who has spanned such a long and distinguished career. JUSTIN HAYWARD2.jpg Finally, to say that HG Wells’s extraordinary Victorian tale has played an important part to me and my family’s life, would be an understatement. From the day my father handed me HG’s book to read, right through to today, it has been a privilege to be part of something that continually grows, and reaches more and more people of all ages.

So, to all those who might attend one of our next shows, I, and TWOTW team, look forward to welcoming you into our world, of The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage!

All the best for now,

(Walking to the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, before the first of our two shows there in 2007.)

PS: Please keep looking out for new announcements about our next production, including who the final two cast members will be.

The War of The Worlds Team

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