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Download the NEW DVD&Book Set EPAC NOW and enter our competition to win tickets to the show!

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The War of The Worlds are proud to launch the latest EPAC packed with information about the newest 30th Anniversary product - Limited Edition DVD&Book Set, comprising of the 2-Disc Special Edition 2006 Alive on Stage! DVD, a Penguin Limited Edition of the HG Wells' novel plus a postcard of images all boxed in a special casing featuring The War of The Worlds 30th Anniversary artwork.

The EPAC also includes video and audio from the show as well as the 2006 and 2009 cast Biographies, photo gallery and a competition to win two tickets to one of the 2009 shows at your choice.

The EPAC is a single, high quality, free of charge download, which resides on the user's desktop. It is an electronic package containing various media and is designed to inform the end user about products and services in an entertaining way.

The War of The Worlds 30th Anniversary EPAC is really easy to download so get yours NOW for a chance to enter our competition.


The War of The Worlds Team

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