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Jemma Wayne’s theatre debut

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Eagle-eyed fans of The War of The Worlds-Alive on Stage! may already have noticed that as well as Jeff’s daughter Anna-Marie playing the on-screen role of Carrie, son Zeb and daughter Jemma also feature as extras in the on-screen cast. Zeb is also an accomplished musician and one of London's top DJs, while Jemma is an established author and journalist, and also the author of TWOTW's - The First 30 Years which appears on this website.

Now, writer Jemma Wayne is stepping off the CGI screen and into theatre, with the opening of her debut play, NEGATIVE SPACE. Co-written with Rachel Sternberg, this 90-minute drama is directed by the legendary Tom Hunsinger (Lawless Heart, Sparkle), and will be premiering at The New End Theatre in Hampstead this September. Exploring the family breakdown and social controversies surrounding the disappearance of an eleven-year-old girl, the production stars TV regular Russell Floyd (Eastenders, The Bill), Olivier award-winner Suzan Sylvester, respective Skins and Hollyoaks starlets April Pearson and Hannah Tointon, and United 93’s Jamie Harding.

“We have a wonderful cast and a brillliant director,” says Jemma. “For years I’ve watched my Pop bring his baby to life, and now I understand the buzz he gets from it, because seeing one’s work move from the page to the stage is an extraordinary experience. Negative Space has been two years in development and the subject of missing people has become something that Rachel and I feel passionately about. A missing person, be it a child, an adult, or a lost soldier, leaves the family in a state of tragic limbo. There are so many unanswered questions, so many versions in one’s mind of what might have happened and what might have been. Our story confronts this, and challenges too the taboo issues that so often surround the subject – the fettishization of young girls, the suspicions cast on family members, and the boundaries between private and public grief. With Tom’s incredible direction, I hope this will be a truly powerful and thought provoking piece.”

NEGATIVE SPACE opens on the 15th September. Tickets are available at:

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