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TWOTW Team give Master class at City College Plymouth!

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TWOTW Team visited City College Plymouth to give a talk about the making of the album and how the Arena Tour is produced.

The Masterclass was attended by more than 400 performing and production arts students. The presentation was lead by TWOTW Front of House engineer Simon Honywill, who also teaches music engineering at the College.

Jeff Wayne talked about the conception and creation of the original album. Musician, programmer, studio engineer and Black Smoke band member Gaƫtan Schurrer explained the music preparation process for the live production. Lighting designer and TWOTW production manager Steve Nolan talked about all other aspects of the stage show.

The Herald published a great piece following the event in Plymouth on May 6, 2010 reflecting the success of the Master class, which was received most enthusiastically by the students and lecturers of City College.

The War of The Worlds Team

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