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Welsh X Factor singing sensation Rhydian who will play the challenging and emotional role of Parson Nathaniel in the forthcoming
Tour of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage! has had a major makeover.

The star known for his distinctive white hair has changed to a dark-haired look to fit in with the role he will be playing of a Parson who loses faith in humanity in the face of apocalyptic Martian destruction.

In the highly charged duet The Spirit of Man, Rhydian's on-stage wife, played by Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon, tries to save him from his ever approaching madness by reassuring him “there must be something worth living for”.

"My dream has always been to appear in a musical which tours large arenas, and I’m very excited to be joining such an incredible cast for The War of The Worlds 2010-2011 Tour, says Rhydian.

I am a big fan of Jeff Wayne and I grew up listening to his classic album, so it’s very special to be performing one of the main roles of Parson Nathaniel - and even more so, given that I will share the stage with an 11-foot high floating 3D hologram of my fellow countryman, Richard Burton, 26 years after his death!”

To see Rhydian as you've never seen him before, book your tickets now!

The War of The Worlds Team

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