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Jeff's Promotional Trip

Hello All

Just to let you know that Jeff has spent the past week travelling around Australia and New Zealand (and now South Africa) promoting the album for Sony BMG. Highlights of the trip have been:

* being presented with Platinum discs representing the 23 times Platinum that the album has gone between Australia and New Zealand,

* being presented with a birthday cake in Sydney on his birthday, 1st July, with a digitised image of the Thunder Child painting, on the cake,

* attending a signing at HMV in Sydney to be greeted by a line of hundreds of fans, and

* arriving in Johannesburg today and, when driving to the hotel, passing the Planetarium where the launch will take place tomorrow, to see a large inflatable Martian Fighting Machine visible from the motorway.

He sends his best wishes to all the fans of the album, and to all members of this site.

The War of The Worlds Team

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