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Minigame Adventure App Episode 2

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For those of you who have purchased Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds: Minigame Adventure we are excited to update you that the developers, zGames, have been working hard to bring you a unique mobile gaming experience…twelve different games that take you through each episode of the award-winning spectacle.

zGames apologize for the delayed release of the second episode, The Eve of The War. When they began design and development last year, and announced the game in November in the Tour Programme, they believed they could release new episodes every 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately, it has taken them much longer than expected. However, their desire is to create the very best and interesting game possible rather than rush out episodes that don't provide value simply to hit a date.

For The Eve of The War, zGames have created a new light reflection puzzle game, and we're sorry to have kept you waiting. Episode 2 is very close to completion, and the developers expect to have it submitted to Apple for approval within the next week. We appreciate your patience, and rest assured that we are all hard at work to get this episode from our hands to yours as soon as possible.

zGames have multiple teams working in parallel on each episode and they are taking steps to improve their delivery schedule. The Minigame Adventure App update will feature an inbox where you will see more frequent updates on zGames' progress on new episodes, games and news. For further information follow us also on Twitter @twotwofficial and @zgames.

Thanks again and we are excited to have you on this adventure with us! We appreciate your continued support.

TWOTW and The zGames Teams

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