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Minigame Adventure Episode 2: The Eve of The War - out NOW

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We are pleased to announce that the second episode of the Minigame Adventure App: The Eve of The War has been released and is ready to purchase from Apple's App Store.
The new episode features a challenging light reflection puzzle.

zGames have created a 12-part episodic Minigame Adventure of The War of The Worlds. Each minigame is based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version, and features the music, sounds, and dialogue from the award-winning spectacle.

Advance the story as you complete each minigame. Start with the Prequel puzzle adventure quest, where you learn how the Martians surveyed Earth. Work your way through different game styles with each Episode, from puzzle to action to arcade games.

Survive the streets of London under attack! Pilot the Thunder Child to keep the Martian Fighting Machine's at bay while Carrie escapes! Hide from the Martians with the Parson@ Ply cards with the Artilleryman! And ultimately, defeat the Martians.

Start your Minigame Adventure today!

Episode 1: Prequel
- An adventure style game that sets the stage for the coming of the Martians!

Episode 2: The Eve of The War
- Manipulating mirrors and light, adjust a telescope and watch Mars just before the Martian invasion of Earth

Coming Soon:

Episode 3: Horsell Common and The Heat Ray
- An action survival game. Stay alive, avoiding the heat ray, and rescue as many surviving humans as possible.

The War of The Worlds Team

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