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Minigame Adventure Update

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Dear TWOTW: Minigame Adventurer,

While we had hoped to provide a new minigame episode every 2-4 weeks, the development is taking longer than we originally estimated. Rather than a series of 12 single-level minigames, we are creating 12 longer, high quality, multiple-level games that require more time to develop. When the series is completed, the Minigame Adventure will provide 2-4 hours of entertainment. In the meantime, however, we realize this is causing some disappointment as everyone is waiting for the next game episode to appear.

We've decided to temporarily remove the Minigame Adventure from the App Store while we work to complete the remaining games. Horsell Common and The Heat Ray will be launched on September 1 and episodes will follow every 2 weeks after that. While this will result in a longer initial wait, we believe it will improve your overall experience in the long term. We will keep you informed and will send out another notice like this to alert you that an update is available

In the meantime, we'd like to offer you one of our other games for free. Starting now and until the end of this month, we're making zMatch a free download. Check out and download your free copy today. We hope it will provide you with some fun while you wait for the Minigame Adventure to begin again.

Our apologies for the delay and we thank you for your support.

Best regards,

The zGames TWOTW Team

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