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Live Press Conference with Jeff Wayne and...

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For the next week, we will be counting down until 10am (UK time) on Friday 18th November 2011.

At that time, we will be revealing some VERY exciting news, and streaming a LIVE Press Conference on the Official Website and also at

The Press Conference will take place in Central London at the above time, and will be presented by one of the BBC's top radio presenters, and attended by Jeff Wayne and a MAJOR international star (to be revealed next Friday).

We are inviting you to write a COMMENT about this on the above Facebook page, before midnight on Sunday. Then, next Monday we will pick out of a hat FIVE random names of the people who have commented, for those people to attend this event (you will be contacted by us through Facebook on Monday afternoon). You must be available in London to attend next Friday.

Good luck, and ULLA!!!

Read the Full Press Release


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