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Cast Announcement!

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International star Jason Donovan, returns to the cast of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds for The New Generation.

Previously a leading light of the phenomenally successful arena production tour as The Artilleryman, Jason will return as the Parson Nathaniel, the disturbed holy man driven mad by the Martian invasion of Earth.

Jeff says,

'I’m not aware of any performer who has portrayed a leading character in one production, then returned in the next playing an entirely different role.

But such is Jason Donovan’s diverse talent, this is exactly what he will be doing.

Having been a magnificent Artilleryman in our 2010 production - that of a dreamer with a plan for Mankind’s survival underground - he will now tackle the role of Parson Nathaniel, who has lost all faith in Humanity and the ability to survive on top of it.

I have no doubt Jason will bring a vibrant interpretation to this character, and I welcome him back to The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage!'

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