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2005 will be an exciting year for merchandise relating to Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds and will include, amongst others:

  • A range of Models being developed in conjunction with Dark Horse Entertainment (who produced, amongst others, The Mask and Hellboy and have licenses for merchandise for, amongst others, Star Wars, The Incredibles, Aliens and Austin Powers!)

  • Limited Edition Fine Art Prints of the classic Album Cover by Rock0ptic

  • a range of "personalisable" merchandise from MakeMyMegastore - see -

  • A range of high end Prints, Glass and Stainless Steel products

  • A range of eco-friendly clothing from WildLife Works - the Martians had to leave their planet because they destroyed it so let's not do the same to ours!!

  • All of the above items are, or will shortly be, available for purchase on the e-commerce page of this site. To go to that page, please click here.

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