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Your thoughts on The New Generation album!

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We’ve loved reading your reviews of The War of The Worlds – The New Generation album!

Take a look below at just few of the fantastic reviews we’ve found across the web...

Colin“War of the worlds the new generation is a brilliant rework of an already brilliant piece of music that I have enjoyed since it first came out.”

Chris“New Generation is incredible! Having grown up with the original version I am blown away by this, great choice of actors and vocalists and the updates to the music are brilliant, loving it”

Nigel“Just been to Manchester to see the new show and bought the CD at the venue. The new show really brings the new version to life. Great choice of Liam Neeson and Ricky Wilson. Like many people bought the vinyl in 1978 and was one of the few albums I could listen to with my parents and the same can be said of the new version.”

Tracey“Have bought this CD for my dad for Christmas. I know he is going to love it! It is brilliant.”

J D Simms“For those of you that know every single note, beat, line and moment of the original album, then you will love this just as much. It has all the magic of the original, with a different twist.”

Mr. S“The songs are as superb as ever. I really enjoy the more modern production used here and the whole album sounds great on a good stereo system with the volume cranked up.”

David - “I truly admire the work that has been created here and appreciate for what it is - a modern, striking compliment to a classic album, that will, as the album title suggests, find a new generation to inspire and entertain.”

ProgMaster5“This New Generation album not only keeps the essence of the original but has also so many exciting additions, with a completely fresh, contemporary sound and approach! As the story has been expanded it means the whole score opened up with a completely different pace and feel. Liam Neeson is perfect choice for The Journalist, and my personal favourite is Forever Autumn! This is "must-buy" for lovers of the original and the new generation...”

Ally“Cannot express how good this is, equals the original, have seen the new musical on stage and "WOW" brilliant. Ricky Wilson is very impressive.. Jason Donovan & Gary Barlow ..... fantastic, the narration is wonderful.”

Martin“My teenage kids love the new production whilst at the same time it keeps much of the original sound to please the older fans like myself.”

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