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**Tickets Are On Sale Now!**

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If you haven’t already snapped up your tickets for Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage! THE FINAL ARENA TOUR, then now is your chance!

Featuring Liam Neeson in 3D holography, Jason Donovan, Westlife's Brian McFadden, Les Miserables' Carrie Hope Fletcher and two final Guest Artistes to be announced.

Tickets are on sale from 9am TODAY - click HERE.

Jeff Wayne said:

“Bringing The War of The Worlds to life in many of the world’s finest arenas has been the most amazing experience for me over the last seven years. We’ve achieved more than we ever thought was possible both musically and technologically. However, the time is right to take The War of The Worlds in new directions after the 2014 tour. I am so very appreciative of the fantastic support over the years from so many established fans, as well as numerous new ones we’ve attracted. Thank you all sincerely.

All I can say for the future of TWOTW is – Watch this space!”

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