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*Exciting Details on the Legacy Publication ‘NO ONE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED...THE STORY OF JEFF WAYNE'*

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** We’re delighted to announce further exciting details of the legacy publication ‘NO ONE WOULD HAVE BELIEVED...THE STORY OF JEFF WAYNE' **

1) Each handcrafted book includes 2 CDs + 1 DVD, featuring never before seen video footage, and exclusive and rare audio content covering Jeff’s life.

2) The publication welcomes the immense contribution of two entertainment legends - Award winning music journalist and writer John Robb, who co-writes Jeff’s journey, whilst the book’s Foreword is written by none other than Jeff’s good friend, David Essex.

Like the sound of the above? Then mark **12pm this coming Wednesday 29th April** in your diaries, as ‘The Story of Jeff Wayne’ continues to unfold…

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of this legendary publication as of yet, then we assure you that now is the time to do it – just click here to secure your copy:


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