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Now that our run at London’s Dominion Theatre ended on April 30, I thought it a good time for a ‘catch-up’.

The run itself was originally planned as an 8 week ‘Season’, but was extended by almost a month. And during that period I had the pleasure of meeting many of you who waited patiently for me at the Stage Door, sometimes in the cold, wind and rain that we experienced during the largest part of the run, so a HUGE thank you for such commitment.

TWOTW Team also keep an eye out for all your messages on our website and social media, including your comments and suggestions - they are all met with appreciation and genuine interest.

Finally, I hope all those who came to see the theatre production weren’t disappointed, and left as best expressed by the title of TWOTW’s newest song - ‘With Joy, Hope and Wonder’.

Conducting TWOTW on stage for 86 performances (I didn’t miss one!) with world-class musicians and creating one heck of a noise that kept the Dominion theatre pulsating, was a privilege.

Please look out for some new announcements for future plans - there will be some exciting news that we look forward to sharing with you.

Until next time then, may the ULLA remain always, with you.

For now

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