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‘Forty, and still not out!’

2018 by any measurement, proved that around the world and for so many different reasons, how totally bonkers it all was - not that there weren’t joys and accomplishments, but almost on a daily basis, something unexpected did occur.

Over the holidays our very large family celebrated, with thanks, how fortunate we all were to be able to come together, safely, and happily, as we all knew this wasn’t the case for so many, home and away, who had suffered greatly.

And without question, our planet had continued to change beyond anything even HG Wells foresaw – physical disasters where the Devil alone could only have brought such hellfire, or governments, tribes and institutions, with those in charge of them, behaving like Gods yet bringing anything godlike.

Via 24-hour news channels from around the world, we learned about real-life invasions and human displacements, while Earth itself continued to be scarred by climate change causing natural disasters, or man-made plastics that now blanket so much of what’s above ground, along with those innocent creatures below it in the worlds’ waters, who more and more are being trapped and choked. It sounds a bit like the Red Weed, but on these occasions, the harm was brutal, and very real.

So, can this year become the start of a brave new world of better understanding for everyone living on our dear Mother Earth? Let’s believe it can.

There were good causes too that burst through on the world stage, from individuals who have had something to ‘say’ with social media giving them the platforms to be heard, although those platforms do need firm monitoring, because we’ve also seen they can be as dangerous as the terror of ULLA.

Professionally, there are a number of new projects planned for my musical version of TWOTW, including moving into the world of virtual reality and multi-sensory technologies, the first opening at London’s old Metal Exchange. Officially opening on May 31 and our partners dotdotdot, experts in this field, have begun, with myself and my team providing the music and sound design for this challenging new experience - or as our partners like to exclaim -

‘you’ve heard it,
you’ve seen it’,
now survive it!’

From the moment you enter the building, you will be welcomed by George Herbert, the Journalist who will invite you to travel back in time with him to Horsell Common, in Woking, Surrey to be part of Humanity’s defence against the Martian’s, who have arrived from their planet determined to take over ours. They have travelled across the universe in cylinders that contain incredible machines and weapons in addition to the Martians themselves - whose bodies are all ‘brain’.

It should be a most fantastic voyage!

For me personally, I have so many to thank for the 40 years since the original release of my double album - the artists and musicians, the painters and animators of the most wonderfully artistic interpretation of HG Wells’ Victorian England, our script writer and lyricists, and to all those who joined the Good Ship Thunder Child, and continue to do so.

Plus, my late father, Jerry, who partnered me until his passing in September, 1996, virtually 50 years after that chap from Bromley, Kent, had started it all - Herbert George Wells.

I’ll never forget my father and I meeting HG’s son Frank in 1974 who had inherited the Rights to TWOTW from his father after his passing in August,1946. Understandably, he was quite protective of his story, but it turned out that he liked the idea that another father and son team had unexpectedly come along, loving his father’s story and who didn’t want to change anything fundamental about it.

Because of that, he granted us ‘charge’ to protect TWOTW. We promised we would, and we did.

And I still do.

Finally, no matter from what country you’re reading this message, may 2019 bring us all, joy, hope and wonder.



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