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30th Anniversary of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds

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Hello Everyone

As many of you will no doubt know, my musical version of The War of The Worlds is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary this year.

It was exactly thirty years ago today, on June 9th, 1978, that the original black vinyl double-disc recording with its 16-page booklet containing the original artwork was released on what was then known as CBS Records.

For some 3 years during the production period, I had the great pleasure of working with a wonderful cast of Guest Artists – Richard Burton, David Essex, Julie Covington, Justin Hayward, Phil Lynott, and Chris Thompson, along with a band of musicians that represented some of the very best and most diverse from the British music scene. Two of those original members, Herbie Flowers and Chris Spedding are in fact touring with me in our arena productions to this day.

It would be absolutely true to say, that no-one would have believed that 30 years after its original release, The War of The Worlds would be reaching more people than ever before, both in its recorded form, the hundreds of different by-products and collectibles, and of course, within the world of live entertainment.

Because of this special anniversary year, our team and associates are working on a range of new projects. It will all culminate with the 30th Anniversary UK tour commencing June 10, 2009 in Aberdeen, which as producers of the show, Damian Collier and I will be striving to make it the most exciting production yet.

And everything produced during this special year will be ‘badged’ with a newly designed Anniversary logo which we are launching today on our website - see above. We hope it will give each of those items their own special identification and become a collectible within themselves.

One of the projects being launched will be our newly updated website. It will have taken many months to produce and our team all felt this anniversary year was the perfect time to tackle such a ‘make-over’.

First launched in April, 2005 TWOTW website has exceeded all of our expectations with the quantity of visitors, official members and a most exciting and passionate Forum that thrives simply because you want it to.

The new website will be launched on August 12th, (the date the first cylinder landed on Horsell Common in 1898!) and in addition to existing sections being updated and improved, there will be new ingredients which will include:

  • user generated content
  • site community features
  • a live events section
  • historic documents and
  • TWOTW timeline

It will have been spearheaded by Phil Campbell and his team at Fifth Dimension, coordinated by Julia Boyadjieva, perhaps our longest standing team member, and Tony Wright, our Moderator who has been the ‘heartbeat’ to all things concerning TWOTW website.

Finally, I and TWOTW team look forward to seeing some of you at next year’s UK arena tour.

With the best of good wishes,


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