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Live Tour Artilleryman Chosen!

JWM have now chosen the person who will play the Artilleryman in the Live Tour of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds in April this year.

JWM and The Official site of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds are proud to introduce Alexis James as the man who beat some worthy competition to the important role of the Artilleryman, a man with big dreams for rebuilding a new society as the Martians destroy the old.

Alexis has an impressive musical, theatre and TV background and here is a brief biography of his achievements.

Alexis was part of the HTV drama workshop in South Wales before moving to London to attend the BRIT School of Performing Arts. His West End debut was playing the Narrator ‘Gringoire’ in Notre Dame De Paris as part of the original cast at the Dominion Theatre. He then created the role of ‘Tybalt’ in Romeo et Juliette -The Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre. His trio of French musicals was completed by appearing in Les Miserables understudying and playing the Student Leader ‘Enjolras’, including the final performance at the Palace Theatre and the rebirth, under John Cairds direction, at the Queens Theatre. During this, he was fortunate enough to appear alongside Dame Judi Dench for one night only!!

Other theatre credits include: Broken Journey, Viva Ibiza, Romancing, Walk With The Angels, A Life in the Daze of Stanley Bishop and A Generation Arises

TV credits include: Mike Bassett England Manager (BBC), A Dance to the Music of Time (Channel 4); A Generation Arises (BBC Wales); The Tribe (Deep City Films).

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