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Press Reaction To The UK Live Tour

The Telegraph - "dazzling", "lovely stuff", "impressive".

The Times: FOUR STARS -"Wayne's score loses none of its impact"

The Sun: "Simply epic!"

The Evening Standard: "State-of-the-art"

Bournemouth Echo: "Complex, inspired and unique"

Brighton Argus: "action-packed production...truly out of this world" / "triumph of a Tour"

Birmingham Mail: "a real multi-media affair" / "Mr Wayne successfully pulled it off"

South Wales Echo: "Audacious" / "It deserved its standing ovation at the end"

Manchester Evening News: FOUR STARS -"powerful stuff - bleak, dark and terrifying." / "an awesome spectacle, like having the best multi-media stereo system in your own front room - and playing your favourite album on it."

BBC News: "Thoroughly entertaining" / "truly impressive"

The Scotsman: "There are certain things in life that stay with you for the rest of your days"

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