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Re-Mix and Global Re-Promotion of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds

Jeff Wayne's multi-award winning musical work has sold over 13 million copies to date, gone many times Platinum around the world, seen 3 successful Video Games (Spectrum 48k, PC and Playstation) and an extensive range of merchandise, since the worldwide release of the original double album in 1978. The music has also been licensed to hundreds of major corporations and productions all over the globe.

In January 2005, Jeff went back into the studio to re-mix his work (fans will know that it was re-mixed in the late 90's for the PC and Playstation Video Games and subsequently released under the banner of the ULLAdubULLA Club Re-mix).

Sony BMG will be re-promoting the album globally from 13th June 2005 with a range of exciting products which will comprise:

  1. 1. The Collectors’ Edition - a box set of 6 CDs plus 1 DVD as follows:

    a. 2 CDs in Sony’s hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) format
    (i) a stereo re-mix of the original double album
    (ii) a 5.1 surround sound mix of the original double album
    [SACD is a high-resolution audio format that can play
    high-resolution stereo music, as well as high-resolution
    surround sound music, thanks to Sony’s DSD (direct
    stream digital) technology. To find out more about SACD,
    please click

    b. 2 CDs containing “Outtakes and rarities”
    material from the original double album
    c. 1 CD containing “spoken words” from the
    original double album
    d. 1 CD containing “Best of” Re-Mixes of the
    original double album
    e. 1 DVD of the “making of” the original double

    The Collector’s Edition will also contain a stunning 80-page
    book containing, amongst other things, background on HG
    Wells and the novel, the musical work and a number of
    the artists involved, as well as information relating
    to the various products that have been produced around
    the album over the years.

    All of the above items, as well as remixes of the previously-released German and Spanish Language Versions of the album, will be available for purchase from 13 June, 2005 on the e-commerce page of this site. To go to that page, please click here.

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