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Important Info Re London O2 Dome Show December 2007.

We have had some queries regarding the seating plans and tickets with regard the show on the 2007 live Tour of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds at the London O2 Dome.
We can now issue a statement from the venue which should help clarify things, although this will only affect a limited number of those attending.
Statement as follows:


Since the original confirmation of the event the numbering of the seating blocks has been altered to facilitate clearer signage to enable us to ensure that customers can gain access to their seats by the most direct route.

This revision has meant that some customers tickets will need to be exchanged to show the correct block but please note that the actual row and seat number of these seats has not changed.

This will only affect a limited number of customers who will be contacted by Ticketmaster with full instructions on how to exchange their tickets.

For the time being please retain your tickets until such time as you are contacted by Ticketmaster.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we are sure that you will appreciate that as The O2 Arena is currently being built there will inevitably be some small changes made as the process moves from design to build. Rest assured that any changes are only made to enhance the customer experience.

Should you have any further queries relating to your ticket location for Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds at The O2 Arena please contact quoting the customer name and your Ticketmaster booking reference number.

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